Founded in 1909 by the United Methodist Church, Western Conference, The Children’s Home has served more than 10,000 children and their families across North Carolina by providing safety, love, education and therapy in times of critical need. Located on 212 acres of rolling pastureland in Winston-Salem, The Children’s Home distinguishes itself among child service agencies by offering a unique environment that is serenely therapeutic, educational, inspirational and, most importantly, alive with potential. Through meaningful participation  and one-on-one relationships with counselors and therapists, children facing severe disruptions to their lives begin to heal in mind, body and spirit.


The Children’s Home is able to provide our most vulnerable children an array of modern, professional services and programs, including residential treatment, foster care and adoption services, substance abuse services, needs-based education, community counseling, and comprehensive life-skills day treatment.

There are numerous important principles that we hold true when working with a child and their family.

  • We believe that children are better off with their own families whenever safely possible.
  • We realize that troubled families can change.
  • We understand that family beliefs and values must be respected.
  • We know that a crisis is an opportunity for change.

Therefore, it is our primary goal to instill hope and help families increase healthy functioning. We are here to help you and your family succeed.


The Children’s Home is proud to be accredited by and affiliated with the following organizations.








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