Sanctuary Care


In 2016, The Children’s Home began the process of adopting the Sanctuary Model of Care®. The Model is a treatment and organizational framework for creating trauma-informed communities. The Standards were developed by the Sanctuary Institute in collaboration with Dr. Sandra Bloom as a way of measuring adherence and fidelity to the practices and philosophy of the Sanctuary Model® in human service organizations. The Standards serve as a tool to determine if an organization or program meets the qualifications for Sanctuary certification.

As a Sanctuary organization, we are adopting these 7 Commitments:

  • Commitment to Non-Violence
  • Commitment to Emotional Intelligence
  • Commitment to Social Learning
  • Commitment to Open Communication
  • Commitment to Shared Governance
  • Commitment to Social Responsibility
  • Commitment to Growth and Change

The Sanctuary Model® gives us a shared language and common tools to effectively communicate, handle conflict, and create a healing environment. Staff training has begun to train staff in all the components of Sanctuary and regular training will be provided on an ongoing basis. Students will also be trained in Sanctuary so they have all the resources they need to participate in their own care.

For more information about the Sanctuary Model of Care®, visit their website HERE.