Community Based Services

Community based services are for children who need short-term daily assistance. We are able to provide a multitude of services both on campus and in the community for children and families. These services might include a weekly counseling session with one of our therapists, a more individualized school setting, a temporary foster family, or a home visit with the family and one of our trained therapists.

Community based services vary dependent on what the child and family need. These services can also be bundled so that the child gets the best care for his or her situation. Community Based Services focus on establishing a structured, nurturing environment. By focusing on daily life, children can feel safe and cared for and their mindset can begin to change. We then utilize activities and groups that help them understand more about themselves as individuals and as a part of a large society. By engaging them in these activities, our goal is for the children to let go of unsuccessful coping strategies and replace them with new healthy approaches to the difficult situations that life brings.

We believe that the most important factor that leads to the success of a child is a strong partnering between the staff, the family and other agencies in that child’s life. Family involvement begins before the child is admitted with the expectations of active family participation in family therapy and communication with staff.