Foster Care and Adoptions

Foster Care Services provides a home for children and youths who are unable to live with their parents. There are three levels of foster care: therapeutic, respite and traditional. Therapeutic foster care is designed to allow youths with mental health needs the opportunity to grow and change in a family and home environment. Respite foster care is designed to provide temporary relief and support for families and long-term caregivers. Traditional foster care is available for youths who have minimal or no mental health needs.

Adoptions are an opportunity for our agency to provide a forever family for children and teens in need. The child’s age and other criteria determine the length of time it takes to match the child to a home.  Most of the children are school age and are currently living in foster homes. Most have “special needs,” such as behavioral problems resulting from abuse or neglect, or have the need for a family where siblings can be together.

The Children’s Home always has a need for foster parents who will provide an alternative family home for children and youths unable to return to their natural homes.

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