Residential Substance Abuse Program

ReStart is a residential, 120-day adolescent substance-abuse treatment program. When youth find it difficult to stop using drugs and alcohol, a residential substance-abuse treatment program may be necessary. ReStart offers an environment that will help youth develop skills and learn specific strategies for resisting drugs and alcohol.

This intensive treatment system utilizes a wide range of proven approaches for working with at-risk adolescents, including: 7-challenges, an evidence-based substance-abuse treatment model, experiential activities, and individual and family involvement. Parents are involved through parent counseling sessions and The Family Enrichment Program, which meets every five weeks. This program creates an opportunity to work on family relationships and prepare for life at home after leaving ReStart.

ReStart students are also enrolled in the on-campus public school and the Day Treatment program, enabling students to continue their education, while receiving therapeutic services during the day.

By helping these adolescents see the opportunity to make better choices for themselves, they can choose to be substance free.

Ages: 13-17

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